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I NFINITY introduces "SCHOOL PLUS" - adding value to education. In today's world, where there are so many new developments happening at a very fast pace and competition is increasing in every sphere of life, the child needs all round education and development so that he / she can grow into a mature, responsible and   independent adult.
It has become imperative that while the children have to do very well in academics, they also need to be exposed to other activities. At the same time, there are lot of diversions also that can divert the students minds and so these need to be replaced by positive and healthy activities. Unfortunately, with increasingly larger syllabi, it is becoming more and more difficult for the teachers.

This is where we offer our specialized activity packages under our initiative "SCHOOL PLUS".

SCHOOL PLUS is our initiative that has been born form our experience of working with schools across India for the past 17 years. We have organized more than 10,000 competitions and contests and more than 25,00,000 students have participated in our events. We are the organisers of events like SPELLINC, WRITE-O-VALUES etc. We are also the authorised sales agent for Telekids, TTIS and Young Metro of ABP Group alongwith comics and publications from Amar Chitra Katha and Chaya Prakashani.



    SPELLINC in India's largest spelling contest for school children. Being held for the last 15 years it has been organised in more the 5000 schools and had participation of more than 50 lakh students.

    It is presented by LINC pens and has had various sponsors like Renault, Rupa, Times of India, Friends FM, The Telegraph, Radio Dhoom etc etc.



    WRITE O VALUES is a very unique activity for school children of classes 4 - 6. It is a combination of a handwriting contest and at the same times tries to imbibe in the students the importance of moral values.

    It is presented by LINC pens. It has been held for the past 8 years and has had more than 10 Lakh participants from more than 3000 schools.



    These are co-curricular activities that we can organize and manage for school so that the students can participate with no disturbance to the teachers.

    These activities not only foster a spirit of participation, healthy competition, learning and creativity but also refresh the students so that they can do better at their academics. There are packages which are indicative and can be suitably customized.



    A school carnival / fete is one of the most memorable and enjoyable activities of school time. All of us can recall the carnivals held during our school time where there was a lot of fun, team spirit, education and competition. Due to the hassles of organization, many schools are not being able to hold these carnivals.

    We offer a very easy solution for the same. We will conceive, organize and manage a carnival at your school with no organizational hassles for the school authorities. It is not only very cost-effective but also suits all types of requirements and scales. There are various packages for the same which can be further customized.